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Taking the fast lane is not a foreign word for me.

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Get started now! Since 1990 Buchbinder Rent-a-Car has offered its customers a wide range of vehicles and reliable all-round service at a great price-performance ratio.


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Here we would like to introduce you to a day in the working life of our employees. Which tasks belong to the respective job profile? How varied is everyday life? And what are the special challenges of each job? Find out more here!

client advisor-buchbinder

My day as a rental sales agent

"What excites me about my job is that no day is like the other one!"

Sabrina Schmalbach
Rental Sales Agent in Dusseldorf

jobs in the service center

My day as an employee in the service center

"Solving problems so the customers are satisfied - that's my goal, because every case is new, the daily work routine remains interesting."


apprenticeship at buchbinder

My day as a trainee

"Training at Buchbinder is challenging and fun. I could see that for myself!"

PIA Eisenhofe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Clerk for office management and former trainees at our headquarters in Regensburg

client advisor-buchbinder
jobs in the service center
apprenticeship at buchbinder


There is not a reason to start with us, but a lot.

Why you should choose Buchbinder? The mix makes it! A job that earns you good money but does not have a working team around you does not make you happy. And of course you can not pay any bills by "only" having nice colleagues. The whole package has to be right - just like with Buchbinder!