My apprenticeship at Buchbinder

Year after year, a large number of young people begin their training at Buchbinder. Here you can find out which professions are involved and how our trainees experience this time.


Take off with Buchbinder

Are you performance-oriented and capable of learning? You like to work in a team and are enthusiastic about cars. Do you have sound general knowledge and good academic performance? Then apply to us for an apprenticeship.

We offer you a sound and qualified education. During the training you will get to know different areas of the company. You belong to the team right from the start and put what you have learned into practice. We discover your talents and promote them accordingly. In addition, you have the opportunity to internal training and good promotion opportunities - nationally and internationally.

By the way: We also offer interesting activities for working students. Just take a look at our job offers!

Our central offices

Central office Regensburg

At the headquarters in Regensburg, around 140 employees are currently working in the departments of accounting, claims processing, ticket handling, reception, remarketing, sales / distribution, controlling / reporting, HR administration, HR business partners, fleet management, process management and taxation. We offer these training places in Regensburg:

  • Car salesman / woman
  • Businessman / woman for office management


Central office Duisburg


More than 90 colleagues are currently employed in our headquarters in Duisburg. The departments Operations, Sales, Marketing, Pricing, Service Center, Business Controlling, Business Development, IT, HR Administration, Central Services and Customer Care are located here. In the following professions we train in Duisburg:

  • Businessman / woman for office management

  • IT management assistant 

central office-duisburg


Logistics center Neunburg vorm Wald


Neunburg vorm Wald is the headquarters of our logistics center. Here more than 70 people work in the departments fleet, technology, workshop, purchasing and warehouse. In Neunburg we train our junior staff in these professions:

  • Businessman / woman for office management
  • Automotive mechatronics for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles (trucks)
  • Specialist for warehouse logistics


Apprenticeship as a business office manager

Maybe a training as a businesswoman for office management does not sound particularly exciting at first. But for me it was worth it - and the fun was definitely not too short. That is one of the reasons why I stayed with it after my training!

apprenticeship-office administrator

For me, the training was varied and not a bit boring. The colleagues were (and are) great, so I was able to settle in quickly!

PIA Eisenhofer
Clerk for office management and former trainees at our headquarters in Regensburg


At Buchbinder I was a fully fledged team member right from the start - and as a trainee, that's not self-evident!


Basically, the apprenticeship for office management is designed for  three years, but it can be shortened to 2 or 2.5 years. During this time you go through all departments of the administration in Regensburg if possible. For me it was the departments Debtors, Payments, Trade, Vehicle Sales, Back-Office and Accident Replacement. As a result, you get to know the coherences of the company and work on many interesting projects.


So you get daily new input and at the same time can already support the team and  take responsibility.


As a trainee at Buchbinder you should have at least the secondary school leaving certificate or a comparable graduation.


But also university dropouts are welcome. If you are still interested in  business contexts, reliable, eager to learn and motivated then you can start. I really enjoyed the training.

Meanwhile, I'm done with it, I've been taken over and was within a very short time deputy department head in the accident replacement business. As you can see: Buchbinder gives you a good education and then has  a real perspective. I would do it again anytime!

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Apprenticeship as a automotive management assistant

I've always had a business talent, I think. And "car-crazy" I am too. So it was obvious to do an apprenticeship as an automotive salesman. The time was worth it: I was taken on and am more than satisfied with my job!


I'm glad that I ended up at Buchbinder with my apprenticeship. For me, the trainee time was work and study with lots of fun!

Sebastian Altrichter
Car salesman and former trainee in Regensburg


Of course part of an apprenticeship is also the school-based component. Everyone has to go through it. But the more interesting tasks awaited me in practice.


An automotive trainee apprentice at Buchbinder can look forward to  advising customers on the subject of motor vehicles handling many different tasks in the organization, working on  orders, purchase contracts and invoices and getting a taste of marketing again and again.

I was never on my own, but always had the support of colleagues. A  great team, where you feel in good hands as a trainee. I was able to grow into independent work. For me it was the ideal start at Buchbinder - and I'm glad that it continues after my apprenticeship!


For an apprenticeship as an automotive salesman, first of all the intermediate level (or a comparable school degree) has to be achieved.


In addition, there should be an interest in  economic contexts and the subject of cars. We welcome genuine team players who are reliable, willing to learn and committed. In addition, one should be practiced in dealing with the PC and have good  German and English skills.

If all of this is true, you can rely on Buchbinder as a trainee to get a  great education, work in a nice team and have a  great perspective for the time after training. Anyway, it worked for me with a permanent position - and I'm no exception!

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Training as an automotive mechatronics engineer

The training as a car mechanic is demanding and really interesting. It was important to me to learn a profession that would give me a perspective for the future. And I have it!

buchbinder-mechatronic technician

For a positive "car crazy" like me, this training is a real stroke of luck - especially with the top team that always supports me!

Martin Kellermann
Apprentice for automotive mechatronics in Neunburg vorm Wald


As you can imagine, in my education (almost) everything revolves around the car. I learn every day how to maintain and repair a wide variety of vehicle models.


So I'm dealing with a  wide variety of technical tasks, because every car is different and nowadays it's packed with  high tech. In our team we search for errors, make diagnoses and monitor the TÜV suitability of the vehicles. We also take care of the processing of accident vehicles, including disassembly and spare parts procurement.


So far, I have  never met a boring routine - quite the contrary: The variety of process steps is so vast that every day brings something new!


In my opinion, the basic requirement for training as the number one car mechatronics specialist is a great passion for cars!


Then there is also technical interest and a certain  craftsmanship. Of course, a completed school certificate must be present, as well as good German and computer skills.


Who is also a  real team player, characterized by reliability and independently does work tasks, will have a lot of fun with a training as a car mechatronics specialist at Buchbinder!

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Working student in the sector of personnel

I quickly grew into my role as a working student in the human resources department at Buchbinder. In addition to my studies, I have found an interesting and meaningful job here, which is fun, challenges me and helps me with regard to my professional future with certainty.


Personnel management is an exciting topic for me, offering me a variety of tasks and learning in practice. In combination with a top team, the perfect addition to your studies!

Working student Human Resources Management in Regensburg


It was important to me from the beginning to gain experience in addition to the "dry" study. I have plenty of options for this at Buchbinder.


My responsibilities in human resources management include  reviewing applications, inviting applicants and organizing job interviews. But I'm (also) responsible for the design and placement of job advertisements as well as the creation of employment certificates and contracts.


And then there are a lot of personnel projects, that we put together in addition to the daily business. As already mentioned: The tasks are manifold - and I will not get bored!


Studying in the field of business administration with a focus on personnel management is just as much a prerequisite for my job as already gained experience in the job market.


For example, before I graduated, I completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. In addition, a  structured way of working is advantageous in order not to lose track and - most importantly: you have to be a real team player!


If all this fits and you also want to bring in  your own ideas and are "computer-fit", then applying for work as a working student in the field of personnel management is a good idea. I've only been there for a good three months, but I'm already fully involved and feel really well!

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Working student in remarketing

As a working student in the Remarketing department at Buchbinder, I also have the opportunity to grow into my professional life and earn something besides studying. This is worth a lot to me - much more than a "normal" student job!


I am really positively surprised that as a working student at Buchbinder I get more and more responsibility every day and in a short time become a fully-fledged team member. Great job, great team !!

WORKING STUDENT at our headquarters in Regensburg


Other working students cook coffee and copy any documents. Fortunately, with Buchbinder this looks different.


From the beginning I felt that I could meaningfully support my colleagues. When creating our newsletter, organizing events and working on different projects, my responsibilities become more and more responsible.


I am fortunate enough to have landed in a  harmonious team where everyone supports everyone. That makes it easy for me to  grow in the job. And which is very important to me: Due to my different tasks I will not be bored!


The first requirement for a position as a working student: You should be a student - if possible in a field that has something to do with the relevant department.


Otherwise one should have mastered the usual PC applications,  speak good English and be able to work structured. In addition, it is just important that it fits on a personal level. Being a team player is extremely important!

If everything fits, you can feel at Buchbinder really well. I have been here since May 2017 (first as a temporary worker, then as a student trainee) and can well imagine, after my studies to enter fully here!

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