My working day at Buchbinder

In our numerous city and airport stations, our employees work day after day to provide our customers with the desired rental car. How exactly the working day looks, you can find out here.



Rental Sales Agent

Our rental offices are about the actual operative business. This means that the employees are in direct contact with our customers, organize the rental process and take care of controlling the relevant key figures on a daily basis. Here we would like to give you a more detailed insight into the daily work routine in our stores - using the example of a customer advisor / rental sales agent!

customer advisor-Buchbinder

Boredom does not occur with us. What excites me about my job is that no day is like the other!

Sabrina Schmalbach


A mindless "08/15-day" is usually never in my working life. My duties include the competent support of national and international customers - both by phone and at the counter of our car rental.


My goal is, of course, to contribute with my advice that the customer actually leases a car from us. Incidentally, I'll clarify him about our additional services - the insurance protection, for example. It is important to me that  no questions remain unanswered. A transparent service avoids misunderstandings and nasty surprises.

For me, this is the basic requirement for the customer to come back satisfied. Part of this transparency is the careful documentation of damages. Before and after each rental, I therefore check the vehicles and coordinate any dents or scratches with our point of damage. My other tasks include the planning of the fleet. Not unimportant, because we try to make sure that every customer gets his desired rental car. For that you have to put a little organizational skills on the day. Every customer is different, so you have to improvise, but that's what makes my job so exciting.

I am particularly happy about the cohesion  in our little "Buchbinder family", because it ensures that we support each other with small problems, so that no larger ones evolve out of it. I definitely do not want to do anything else! With internal training and a great team spirit, we at Buchbinder always stay up to date - and solve the small and larger problems that arise in every profession.

My job in short: lots of variety, a lot of contact with customers and colleagues and extremely little boredom!


The most important requirement for becoming a rental sales agent at Buchbinder is: It has to fit on a personal level!


If that's the case, then it does not matter if you have a  commercial apprenticeship in the tourism industry or in the trade – or if you are just a talented career jumper. However without dedication, having fun communicating with customers and having a good understanding of the issues of service and organization, certainly the job will not fit you.


In addition, you should also be able to communicate with our  English-speaking customersin a sovereign manner. If you also have some MS Office knowledge and are a  team player, then you can do a good job with your colleagues and have lots of fun along the way.

Because one thing is especially important to us: we like to go to work - and that is how it should stay that way.

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Branch Manager

As a branch manager at Buchbinder, you are the "girl for everything" at management level - and that is meant positively. I am the "captain" of the branch team and responsible for ensuring that everything in the team goes right and the employees like to come to work. So we can all together make sure that we have satisfied customers who come back.

branch manager-buchbinder

There is almost nothing in my job that is not fun. Otherwise I would not have been a branch manager for about ten years!

Andre Schinhofen


The mix makes it, that's probably the headline that I would give my workday.


Sometimes I'm in the field for the customer on the road, then there are again organizational tasks to do in the store. Appraisal interviews, vacation plans, customer care and the processing of leases and complaints keep me on the go - but also make sure that no day is like another.


Together with my total of ten employees I face the fast-paced everyday life in my station and as a  well-rehearsed team we handle every challenge.

We work as a team - and I, as a branch manager, am there to keep an eye on everything. Through the regular trainings and advanced training in the Buchbinder Academy, I am constantly receiving new input, which I can contribute to the successful further  development of my branch. That gives me the good feeling of being able to move something.


For Buchbinder, there is not one profile a store manager needs.


You can see that in me: I'm a trained media designer and have started in the car rental industry in addition to the civil service as a temporary help. I then switched to field service through "Learning by Doing" and eventually became the store manager.


Of course, a completed education is required. What else do you need to bring? I would say: friendliness, dedication, goal-orientedness and a certain talent to lead a team. If you think these qualities apply to you, just try applying for them. From my own experience, I can say: Side-entrants with passion are always welcome!

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Regional manager

I am one of the "dinosaurs" at Buchbinder. As a longtime regional manager, I look after a large part of the Buchbinder stations, I am the contact person for small and large problems and, in a nutshell, I take care that everything runs smoothly. The mixture of communication, organization and dealing with many different people makes for me the special appeal of my job. I found my dream job at Buchbinder - I think about 20 years in this responsible position speaks for itself!

regional manager-buchbinder

An open ear for my coworkers and a lot of passion for Buchbinder, that is the secret behind my "Buchbinder career"!

Ralf Langen
Regional Manager Nord


Roughly speaking, I am to my branch managers what the branch manager is to his employees.


We have employee appraisals, that deal with the development of individual branches, but also with everyday things such as vacation plans and salary negotiations. In addition, I coordinate the vehicle fleet, engage in sales promotion measures, always keep an eye on the utilization rate of our fleet and communicate closely with the management when it comes for example to new hires and promotions.

I am always approachable, when a branch has a problem, together we then manage this out of the way. Part of my job is to keep the costs within my sphere of influence as low as possible, and to enable the stations to generate the highest possible return. In principle, I'm the "daddy" of the branch managers: always there for them, always with an idea for solving problems, sometimes a bit strict, but always careful that we work well together and get the most out of Buchbinder. A task that is fun and really fills me up.

Even if the mix of important strategic decisions, the driving from A to B, and the organization of the entire business operation really means a lot of work: I do not want to do anything else!


A one dimensional requirement profile for the position of regional manager does not really exist.


As a rule, one simply grows so pure. My CV is a good example: since 1979, my professional life revolves around the rental of cars. That's when I started working for Interrent as a rental employee. Only one year later, I first became deputy and then "real" branch manager in Duisburg, Aachen and Mönchengladbach. Then I took over the job of the training manager for the telephone sales and was responsible for the integration of the new federal states into the company structure after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Interrent had meanwhile become Europcar through a merger, and there I started my next job as operations manager.


 my current position, I've been on the road for Buchbinder for about 20 years now. And in the truest sense of the word, because at the wheel you sit as a regional manager quite a lot. It can therefore be said that I have  progressed step by step within the industry.A good example of the fact that you can make a career at Buchbinder with  dedication and passion. A good rental agent can become a store manager, a good store manager has the makings of a city manager - and with a bit of luck and a willingness to work hard for the company, he eventually becomes regional manager.

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Regional dispatcher

The job as a regional dispenser at Buchbinder is definitely one thing: Varied! If you want to get to the point, I'm mainly responsible for ensuring that each customer gets the rental car he has booked at each of my stations. Sometimes this is a real challenge - but with functioning teamwork we can do it!


I have to deal with new challenges and many different colleagues every day in my job. That and the responsibility I can take on making the job so appealing to me!

Janin Dörfl
Regional dispatcher Southern Germany


I do not know a boring workday. My tasks are too complex and the business too fast-moving.


A big part of my job is controlling our vehicle fleet. That means in plain language: I need to know when which vehicles are needed so I can take care of the redistribution, input and output control. This is done in constant coordination with my  19 branches in southern Germany and the regional manager.


In addition, I observe the market and price developments and, in cooperation with the pricing, ensure that our prices can be responded to the respective demand and the competitive situation. So there are many topics that I have to keep an eye on. This makes the job as a regional planner challenging - but at the same time also very exciting and filling.


Ideally, as a basis for this position you should have completed an apprenticeship that has something to do with the areas of motor vehicles or logistics.


This is not set in stone, as you can see on my CV. Originally I learned hotel manageress and worked for a few years in the catering industry. I then joined the car rental business as a  rental employee,  and between 2000 and 2015 I went through various positions in this industry. Since 2015 I am now Regional Dispatcher for South Germany at Buchbinder.

So you can see that with Buchbinder you can achieve your goals with commitment and talent as a newcomer. Very important is the willingness to learn new things and the ability to coordinate in a team. After all,  successful communication is the foundation of my profession.

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