My working day at Buchbinder

In our headquarters, many departments work together closely and each employee contributes to the success of the company. But what do the colleagues do all day? Find out more about the workflow in different departments here.



Employee Pricing

Under the heading "Pricing" probably only a few can imagine something straight away. As the name suggests, we will, in a nutshell, set the prices for the rental cars. Sounds relatively simple - but there is a lot behind it ...


I'm lucky enough to have a varied job in a top team. Typical Buchbinder!

Kathrin Feller
Business development employee in the pricing team in Duisburg


We ensure in the pricing that the prices and offers from Buchbinder are always up-to-date and adapted to the respective season.


This requires close  observation of the market and often also  short-term and forward-looking action. What are the competitors doing? What is the current capacity utilization of our fleet? Are holidays, strikes or vacations coming up? Even the weather can have an impact on my job.

Also the communication with the different brokers is part of my daily business. So I have to constantly keep track of many different factors in order to derive the ideal pricing - both in terms of the customer, as well as in the sense of Buchbinder. This is sometimes not easy - but always exciting and never boring.

A big advantage of my work is that we are a  harmonious and intact team. If somebody does not know what to do next, one of our colleagues is guaranteed to have the right tip ready. So we master even critical situations under time pressure without problems!


I landed in Buchbinder in January 2016 right after completing my studies (Bachelor of Business Administration).


But also a successfully completed education in a commercial occupation is possible as a basic requirement. What an applicant should definitely bring with them in addition - is a certain affinity to the subject of cars -  good command of English, a good understanding of numbers, having fun communicating and the ability to keep track of many things at the same time.

If that's all true, real team players with humor and good humor are always welcome. By the way: Anyone who does a good job at Buchbinder always has the opportunity to take on more responsibility and grow professionally. There is no standstill with us!

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Employees in remarketing

Not everyone knows that our rental cars are only in use for a relatively short period of time. Then they are sold (assuming they are still in good condition) at auctions - at good prices. Organizing these auctions is the core business of "Remarketing"!


We do not just care about selling our vehicles. We make real events out of it - with a lot of effort, lots of creativity and lots of fun!

Deputy Head of Remarketing in Regensburg


If you consider that there are countless vehicles in our fleet, then you may well imagine that the resale of the "sorted out" cars is a lot of work.


In order to set up one of our auctions, a variety of tasks arise in our department. From staff planning to various advertising measures, communication with service providers right up to the actual performance of the event on site.

The work does not stop afterward, because we carefully evaluate each event to learn and draw conclusions about the planning of the next one. After all, after the event is before the event!


Basically you need for my job enthusiasm for the topic of cars and a great organizational talent.


Together with a great flexibility (auctions are time consuming and do not always stick to the normal office hours) that is already half the battle. In addition, applicants should have a completed a commercial education or a related  degree. For example, I studied Business Administration in Regensburg and Murray / Kentucky and subsequently landed at Buchbinder in 2016, where I initially worked as part of a side job.

Since then, I've been working as a remarketing member of a great team and since May 2017 I've been deputy head of department. A good example of the fact that with Buchbinder you can rise with commitment and good work  after a short time. I'm looking forward to many more events with our strong remarketing team!

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Loss adjustor

Of course, when a customer drives the rental car from our lot, we naturally hope that everything will go smoothly and that the customer and the vehicle will come back unscathed. Unfortunately, that's not always the case - every now and then it rattles. And then we come into play. In the claims department, we make sure that everything is handled as quickly and easily as possible in an uncomfortable situation that nobody wants. According to the motto: If damage already occurs, at least the bureaucracy should not burden additionally.

 buchbinder- loss-adjustment-department

Each individual claim is individual and must be handled with tact. A challenge that is fun!

Julia Rauchenecker
Loss adjustor in Regensburg


As different and individual as our customers are, so different are the claims that land on my desk.


In our department, every single case is handled diligently and from start to finish: we record the cases, estimate the amount of damage, communicate with our wards, the assessors, insurance companies, lawyers and of course the affected customers. We make every effort to bring an unpleasant situation to a conclusion, with which  all involved persons can live well.


From simple minor damages to really complex cases, everything is included - and that makes my daily work so interesting and varied.


In principle, an applicant should have already completed a commercial or technical training for a position in our department.


For example, after completing my first apprenticeship as a  hotel manageress,  I retrained my job as an office clerk. In addition to this basic requirement, it is particularly important that you can make  your own decisions (for example, "must an appraiser be commissioned or not"), is communicative and well organized, and - as already mentioned - has a sure instinct .


Since you always have to keep the  overall overview in a complex case, you should be able to analyze and understand correlations well. If that applies to a candidate, he can find a great job and a really nice team in our department. I have been on board since September 2016 and feel totally well!

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Employee Service Center

Service for the customer is a central pillar of business success for Buchbinder. In our service center we get to deal with the most diverse concerns, questions and wishes that we try to answer in the best possible way. Here is an example of how this job looks like, using the example of an employee from our Service Center.


Solving problems and giving customers a positive voice - that's my goal. Since every case is new, the daily work routine remains interesting.

Fabian Werntges
Deputy Head of Service Center in Duisburg


At first glance, you might think, "Pretty boring, hanging on the phone all day and talking to customers." But that's not the way it is.


Because whenever, when my phone rings, a new story is waiting for me. My most important task is to be a professional and friendly contact person for the customers and to fulfill the individual requests on a case-by-case basis, if at all possible. Telephoning is only a part of my job.

I record bookings in our reservation system, handle complaints and forward information to the various departments in the company. Especially important for me is the coordination with my colleagues, so that I am constantly up to date, as far as prices and special offers are concerned.

In short: I am not an admission department where customers can unload their complaints, but experience every day a cross-section of the entire Buchbinder world. Boredom looks completely different! And when a problem arises that I can not handle on my own, it becomes clear how important a well-functioning team is. Because one of the colleagues always has the right solution - and the problem vanishes in thin air.


I want to be honest: The job as an employee in the service center is not for everyone.


If you do not like to be on the phone and have little patience, you are wrong here. That would already make two important requirements clear. In addition, you should be prepared to work in day shifts we are available to our customers not just 8 hours a day. If you still have a commercial background, speak "telephone-safe" English (and if possible another language) and are a professional on the PC, then you are welcome.


Provided, of course, you enjoy working in the team and are generally a  sociable and open person. By the way:  talented newcomers are also welcome here. For example as a trained baker, I have now been promoted to deputy head of department in the service center!

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Project Manager IT

In IT project management we are dealing with new challenges every day. In doing so, we address the specific needs of the company or the individual departments in order to find the most ideal solution possible. Not always easy - but that's the main attraction.


We are a small, harmonious team with interesting tasks and tricky challenges. Solving problems - that appeals to me!

Melanie Steinwa├čer
Project Manager IT at Buchbinder in Duisburg


In my job, it almost happens daily that a branch or department in the administration has some problem with the IT or telephony.


We take care of that problem. Our task is to ensure the  accessibility of all employees, to coordinate the technical infrastructure during movings and to control the participating service providers accordingly.

We are also responsible for large projects that affect the  entire corporate network - for example, for the conversion of ISDN-based telephony to IP technology. For larger projects, the creation of  process documentation is an important part of our work. This ensures that all colleagues can handle new processes and that the smooth running of all departments is ensured.

In a nutshell, we are the interface between software development, the individual departments and the management. An important task that is fun!


For my position, studying in the field of (economic) computer science or a comparable education is a basic requirement.


For example, after completing my Abitur, I completed my training as a computer science assistant and an additional degree in Business Administration before joining Buchbinder in March 2017.

Before that, I was able to gain my first professional experience as a transition manager at E-Plus. What other skills and interests do you need for a job as a Project Manager IT? I would say, a good organizational ability, willingness to learn and having fun communicating with many different people.

Sometimes the job is a bit stressful - but as a team we support each other so that the stress is not too big. It's just a nice feeling to have successfully completed a project, and so the whole  company Buchbinder again developed a bit further. I am completely satisfied with my job!

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Application developers

In application development, we are responsible for ensuring that our in-house software systems run smoothly and are continously optimized so that colleagues can work without hitches and effectively. A responsible job that offers something new every day!

buchbinder-application development

I program and optimize workflows that make it easier for colleagues to do their daily job, for example with our car rental software.

Sandra Frieg
Application developer at Buchbinder in Duisburg


Many of our specialist departments work with intelligent software solutions, which are specially adapted to the respective needs and partly linked with each other via interfaces.


And this is where we application developers come into play. We keep the software up to date, program  new functions and ensure that the  interfaces function properly.


The basic programming language is  Java. In addition to programming, my everyday work mainly consists of  communication, interaction and organization. This mix makes the job extremely varied and is for me the main reason that I enjoy going to work - besides the fact that I am part of a really nice and good working team. I think: That is how a team should function - maybe at some point with you ...


For a job in application development at Buchbinder, an applicant should either have completed a vocational training as a computer scientist or have studied business information systems.


Personally, I've done something quite different at first: I'm originally from media design and started working at Buchbinder on a  temporary basis in 2013.


Afterwards, I did an internship here and did a retraining as a  IT specialist. Since January 2015, I am now on board as an application developer - and still very satisfied with the job, my colleagues and Buchbinder as a whole. If you have the chance to start here, you should try it!

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