Why Buchbinder?

There are good reasons to start with Buchbinder. Each and every one of them contributes to creating a certain feel-good atmosphere in the workplace and, in total, these good reasons form the basis for the success of the company and the satisfaction of every member of the Buchbinder family!


Team cohesion

It's not by any chance that our employees see themselves as the "Buchbinder family". Whether in the individual wards or in the specialist departments, everyone can rely on everyone - just as it should be in a family.

Mutual support ensures that even complex situations in the team can be managed. Through various employee events, this pronounced cohesion is strengthened again and again. In a nutshell: At Buchbinder, besides the pure work performance, the "well-being factor" counts as well. That is worth a lot!

Team and cohesion at Buchbinder Rent-a-Car


Employee events

At Buchbinder, there's always something going on besides the work routine! Among our employees, the big events, such as the  summer party in the central Regensburg and Neunburg, the traditional Christmas party  and the annual  management conference enjoy a very good reputation.                                               

Buchbinder is working AND celebrating -  and we are proud of this ability!

Employee events at Buchbinder Rent-a-Car


Promotion and development opportunities

Part of the Buchbinder philosophy is that the potential of employees  is recognized and promoted accordingly. New tasks can be added to the original workspace, depending on the talent, and each employee receives their own  individual opportunities.

This process automatically leads to the fact that at Buchbinder management positions are generally filled internally rather than by new external executives. There are plenty of examples in the Buchbinder family!


Advanced training oppurtunities

Qualified employees are the greatest potential a company can have. That is why we attach great importance to giving our employees the opportunity to, grow in the job.

In our  Buchbinder Academy where professional trainers take care of the training of our employees, thus advancing the promoting chances of each individual. In addition, sales training and executive training courses are held regularly. We benefit from this as a company, but also every employee individually - a perfect win-win situation!

Advanced training at the Buchbinder academy


Fixed salary and commission

Anyone who does a good job also has to be well paid - and we at Buchbinder are convinced of that! After all, nobody can pay their bills just because of the good mood in the workplace.

In principle, our employees receive a fair and competitive salary and, in many cases, have the opportunity to increase their salary through bonus programs.

Fixed salary at Buchbinder Rent-a-Car


Employee conditions

Who works at a car rental, should also be able to rent cheaply a rental car. This principle applies to our employees because they receive a  50% discount on our vehicles.

A real advantage - whether during the move or the weekend trip in the "sleigh"!

Employee conditions at Buchbinder Rent-a-Car