buchbinder-corporate philosophy


Welcome to Buchbinder:

A good working atmosphere is the basis of our daily business!


Our values

For us economic success does not come at any price. Transparency and fairness towards the customer are just as important to us as a respectful and open approach to all employees. In order to clarify how "Buchbinder is ticking" and what applicants can expect from us, we have formulated these guiding principles:


  • Reliability and customer satisfaction are our top priority. Our way of working generates trust. With closely coordinated teamwork, we continuously improve the quality of our services.

  • Dealing with our customers - but also within the Buchbinder family - is always fair and characterized by friendliness and appreciation.

  • The motivation, competence and efficiency of all employees ensures our lasting success. Because our eyes are towards the future.

  • We are flexible and innovative. We understand the constant change as an opportunity to advance for the benefit of our company. We always think positively and shape our future together.

  • By sustainably increasing the value of our company, we ensure the satisfaction of the shareholders and thus ultimately a perspective for all employees.

  • We think creatively and networked. We work in different places for the same goals and want to master the tasks in a strong team.

  • We continue to evolve. Entrepreneurial responsibility is promoted and strengthened by every employee. We live personal responsibility in all areas. We want to work together openly and constructively and support each other.

  • Our decisions are not only economic, as well also coined ecological. We respect at this juncture the resources and environmental protection.