application process-buchbinder


This is how the application process works at Buchbinder

Some companies make it unnecessarily difficult for their applicants, whether intentionally or unintentionally. For sure, no complicated application marathon awaits you, because our selection criteria are pragmatic and our paths are short and uncomplicated. Here we show you how the application process runs - from typing the application to (hopefully) concluding the employment contract.

Online application

You came across a job advertisement by Buchbinder and are interested in the job?

Then simply send your application with the usual information such as the desired salary and date of entry to the e-mail address stated in the job ad. Please attach documents such as certificates and the curriculum vitae to the e-mail (maximum 4 MB).


Your application will now automatically be sent to our colleagues in the respective department.

They check the documents and make a pre-selection.

Job interview

If you are one of the potential candidates for the position, you will be contacted by telephone and invited to a job interview.

When making an appointment, we try to respond as far as possible to your wishes. We make every effort not to let you wait too long - usually the time span is between a few days and a few weeks. The interview itself takes place with the respective department managers in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. We want you to feel good and just be yourself. We do without stressful stress tests, countless selection rounds and pressure situations.

Selection and acceptance

Of course, depending on the quality of the incoming applications, we invite several candidates to join us.

After we all met, we conscientiously advise each other internally and commit ourselves to a favorite candidate. Should you be it, you will receive the good news by phone from us. After we have clarified all the details with you and answered your questions, you will receive from us the contract ready for signature and we greet you with: Welcome to the team!